F4FI is a culture of charity. We live for the joy of giving as we help change the lives of many.


of young adults have at least 1 long-standing debt.

states require high schoolers to take one finance class.


of non-retired adults do not pay their bills on time.

Our QUEST IS TO BEGIN financial education AT AN EARLY AGE.

By providing financial wellness workshops, we are changing the lives of Americans now and for generations to come.

It is an absolute certainty that Americans need relevant and current financial education. Our schools do not have the resources to provide the financial education courses needed to live a fiscally fit life in adulthood. We are devoted to ensure that no child is left behind.

We are thankful to our sponsors, grantors, donors, and our volunteer educators to be able to provide the much needed financial education. The underprivileged youth, and children’s group homes need us, and we will be there! Our future generations will have the tools needed to succeed.

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